Anchor Strength

Long time no blog! I have come back to this blog to make some very special announcements. I have recently opened up a shop on Etsy called Anchor Strength and an accompanying blog called! Image

I have been wanting to create a shop through Etsy for quite a while, and to begin creating again. The much-needed push came when I needed to create a leadership project for myself for my leadership class. I approached my teacher, and she enthusiastically gave me the go-ahead.

Doing something I love, like creating handmade things, for credit? I’ll take it! You will probably recognize the current item in the shop as one of my original creations: the crocheted lens cover. It has been revamped and is now called a Camera Cozy! There are a few different yarns and designs to choose from. I’m currently creating some exciting new things to post online. Check back often!

“Life’s Toughest storms prove the strength of our anchors.”


Crocheted Lens Cover

Photography by Sarah Betz

I recently became fascinated with making lens covers. I lost my lens cap and instead of buying a new one I began creating more attractive alternatives of my own! This is one of the first designs.

The Age of the Dreamer

“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.”- C.S. Lewis

Dreams are one of the most important contributions in the world. Before anyone ever created something, they dreamed it up first. It brings us to a place of possibility. And possibility paired with action can create change. Unfortunately the idea that when you are ‘past your prime’ you can no longer dream big has affected our culture. But God can use people at any age; Young, middle-aged, or old. My collection is an effort to pair the past with the present and to bring people into a place of whimsy, joy and dreams. It is a reminder that the past and present are both beautiful.